XOWi for Developers
XOWi is first and foremost an experience delivery platform: its core value is its interface, which has been optimized for quick voice interactions. But in and of itself, the interface is only a necessary starting point. What is needed next to make XOWi a must-have in our daily life is the set of things that XOWi can do for you. XOWi is being launched with about a dozen services (e.g., weather, traffic, eBay, Quizzing, Jokes, Spotify music, etc.), but literally hundreds, if not thousands, of other services can be added to the XOWi offering.


And that's where developers come in. We have architected XOWi in such a way that developers can easily add their own specialized modules to use privately, to share among a select group of users, or to publish to the land of XOWi users. They can offer their modules for free or for a premium, and the XOWi platform will help them monetize their offering. The interaction between any Web accessible Cloud and XOWi is accomplished easily through exchanges via simple JSON objects.