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The XOWi Open Personal Assistant

XOWi is the world's only Open Platform Personal Assistant

Unlike Siri or Google Voice, XOWi is an open platform that enables anyone to add to its capabilities. You can teach XOWi a fact, a proverb, a joke, a riddle, a piece of poetry, a dialog snippet, or even how to interact with a complex web service.

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Here are some of the things that the XOWi App can do, but that neither Siri nor Google Voice can:

  • Ask XOWi to quiz you about a topic
  • Ask XOWi to tell you a joke, a riddle, a proverb, or read you some poetry
  • Ask XOWi to read you an RSS feed
  • Ask XOWi to play a podcast
  • Ask XOWi to play your Spotify music
  • Ask XOWi what channel is playing a program
  • Interact with your SmartThings and Wemo Switches and Sensors
  • But most importantly: because XOWi is an open platform, have XOWi interact with any service in the cloud


The most exciting thing about the XOWi Personal Assistant is the fact that it is an open platform for users and developers to add voice interactions to it. It is thrilling to think how the community can come together to make a conversational entity gain an ever increasing number of skills.


Users of the XOWi App have access to a XOWi Web portal they log into to add Conversation Modules. Users can add quizzes, dialogs, jokes, facts, RSS feeds, and more, without writing a single line of code. Just fill fill text boxes and save.

Those who want to do more can add Modules that link to a web service. Jut point your voice module to your middleware, serve back JSON objects, and like magic, you now have a platform that lets you deliver voice dialog interactions with users.


1. When is the XOWi App available?

The XOWi App is now in closed beta, available to qualified partner developers. I you would like to become a partner, please email us at developer@xowi.me

2. What OS platform is the XOWi App available on?

The XOWi app is available now on Android only. An iOS version will be released in September, 2015.

3. Do I need to be a developer to use XOWi?

No. You can download XOWi and start using it without needing to do anything else. If you want to add to your XOWi content, you can do so with the XOWi Web portal. You can add content that only appears on your XOWi or you can add content that is made available to all XOWi users.

4. How much will the XOWi App cost?

The XOWi App is free to download and use.

5. How can I get hold of documentation to begin programming on XOWi?

Send an email to developer@xowi.me and we will set you up.

6. Will XOWi be available on Microsoft Mobile?

We plan to release a Microsoft XOWi app in 2016.

What are they saying about XOWi?

"What's better than Siri or Google Maps? XOWi is" - ZDNET

"Apple would be smart to either buy this tech start-up and integrate this voice service into Siri, or steal this idea and build their own which mirrors the XOWi." -- Tekatron

"It won't be long until we are walking around wearing tiny badges that we talk into to get stuff done like in Star Trek. Oh wait. That day is just about here. Beam me up." -- Crunchwear

"The XOWi concept is a groundbreaking way to get the benefits of computing while keeping the distractions of operating a user interface to an absolute minimum. This device will be an enormously valuable addition to all of our daily lives." -- Dr. Debbie Dahl, Principal, Conversational Technologies

"XOWi truly turns Star Trek into reality!" -- The VUI Design Blog

"Wearable computing is emerging as a significant new trend in our industry, and XOWi is superbly positioned to take full advantage of the growing enthusiasm in this area." -- K. W. "Bill" Scholz, President, The Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS)

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